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It's still early days and the words 'Gem Squash' are relatively unknown.


Just like kiwis abroad stash Marmite and Vogels bread, South Africans crave Gem Squash. The size of a softball, it cooks easily, and you can fill it to create your own favourite meal.


Gem Squash is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, fibre, Lutein and zeaxanthin.

Being low in calories this superfood is perfect for babies.

Explore gemsquashnz to find exciting recipes.

"It is recommended as the perfect food for babies' first introduction to solids; the low calorie and nutritional value is second to none."

To enjoy, keep an eye out for Gem Squash in a supermarket near you.

SANZ South Africans in NZ

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