Redloh Horticulture Ltd

Redloh Horticulture was established in 2009, and is owned and managed by Gareth and Anneliese Holder of Napier.

Gareth & Anneliese focus on growing high quality produce using sustainable production methods.  

Their point of difference is they aim to grow produce using a biological approach which sees reduced pesticide and synthetic fertiliser used to improve the soil health and mineral density of the food we eat.

Gareth has been involved in the horticultural industry since finishing his horticulture studies at university in the early 2000's.  

Redloh Horticulture (which is NZGAP certified), has produced a large variety of vegetables for the domestic, process & export markets.  

They are currently growing export squash, process crops and fresh market vegetables including Grey Pumpkins and Gem Squash.

"We look forward to growing our business"

our gem squash paddock
Gem squash growing

       Gem Squash crops                                              Gem Squash growing

picking our gem squash
Ken Fraser

Picking our Gem Squash                                                                     

Our contact details:

Redloh Horticulture Ltd
Napier (021) 415-060 
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand


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